Obama’s Uncle Getting Deported Back To Kenya

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In an odd sequence of events, it is strange to hear that an Obama is getting deported.  Coincidentally, President Obama’s uncle, Onyango Obama, has been ordered back to Kenya.

Onyango Obama is the half brother of Barack Obama’s father that passed away.

Apparently, Onyango came to America in 1963 with the help of his brother.  During the time after, his visa expired and he was ordered to leave the country twice in the late 80’s. After failing to win his appeal in 1992, Onyango non-compliantly remained in the United States.

It wasn’t until recently that he was discovered to still be in the country.


The 69 year old was recently arrested on DWI charges and placed on probation.  It was at that time that authorities realized he was in the country illegally.

Onyango’s current attorney is seeking, “a green card under a statute that allows for applications from immigrants who have been in the country since before 1972.” The case will be presided over by Leonard Shapiro, the judge that granted President Obama’s aunt asylum in the United States.

President Obama is not very close with his father’s side of the family, but Onyango stated that,I think I will call the White House,” after being arrested.

The White House reported that they are not in contact with the man.

Do you think Obama will pull political strings to help his family member stay in the country?

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