Congressional Testimony Reveals Obama’s Actions Could Result In American Revolution

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In a congressional hearing, it was said that Obama’s carelessness for government laws and constitutional rights could end with revolution.  According to Michael Cannon, Cato Institute’s director of health policy studies, states that, “Obama’s disregard for implementing the Affordable Care Act as written,” could cause the overthrow of the government by its people.

As several experts testified, congress wanted to determine the potential outcomes of Obama actions and his apathy of what Americans want.  One of the experts testified that the board simply misunderstood the president who simply wasn’t the kind of man to take up arms against his country.  He went on to sarcastically add that if the people in the room understood his foreign policy, there was no reason to believe that.


Funny his foreign policy seemed to say otherwise when he was hell bent on going to war with Syria, even though the American public showed outright opposition—just another example of Obama’s disdain for the Americans he views as a nuisance.

Other experts went on to say that other, less lethal options, consist of things such as the American people amending the constitution themselves without having to go through congress.  The constitution allows for this as a sort of failsafe against those overstepping the political bounds. This solution is, of course, met with the question of; if someone is already not abiding by the constitution, why would they abide by a newly amended one?

A different testimony said that the ultimate check to power is election, but if this is too far away, and the person in power has defied the constitution and laws enough, then more drastic measures would need to be sought–the ultimate answer being impeachment as a quick and legal form of removing a tyrant from power.


Ultimately however, if all of these solutions weren’t to work, where would the American people stand?

They would either have to submit to a dominant government, a result our founding fathers tried so hard to avoid when they wrote the constitution, or to fight.  An armed revolution would effectively label all those that oppose the government as treasonous and for that reason, beside that of bloodshed, should be avoided if possible.

However, as gathered through testimony, if Obama were to ignore law long enough and disregard the constitution, it could result in an unavoidable American uprising.

Would you fight even if you were labeled a traitor?

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