Gossip Site Editor Deletes Tasteless Tweet Hoping for Death of Wis. Go. Scott Walker

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It’s always funny when people wish death on governors, right? Well, the editor of the Hollywood gossip site Jezebel was criticized for wishing that it was Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who died in a fiery car wreck instead of action movie actor Paul Walker and soon deleted her ignorant Tweet after a storm of criticism.

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Almost as soon as news broke that race car movie actor Paul Walker was killed in a disastrous car accident, Erin Gloria Ryan of the website Jezebel jumped onto her Twitter feed to joke about killing her favorite most hated politician.

Referring to actor Paul Walker’s death and wishing it on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, ignoramus Ryan Tweeted, “why couldn’t it have been scott walker,” (written without capitalization, by the way).

Editor of website Jezebel, Erin Gloria Ryan.

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Of course people immediately began to slam this nitwit for wallowing in her hate and for wishing death on someone merely because she disagrees with them politically.

As the attacks came thick and fast, Ryan initially tried to brush it off and make her critics out to be the jerks.

A screenshot of Ryan’s original Tweet.

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Her next Tweet saw her digging her hole deeper:

“Wow conservatives are about as bad at jokes making fun of celebrity worship as they are at governing wisconsin,” this creep wrote.

That started a whole new wave of slams, and rightfully so.

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Eventually, she got it through her thick, leftist skull that she really was being an ass and not only deleted her Tweets, but issued a few apology Tweets one of which said, “I don’t wish death on anyone. Joking about that was insensitive and inappropriate.”

Some wondered if her bosses at the website made her do the right thing, but she said, “nope. No bosses. Me thinking for a bit and realizing I was wrong.”

Hey, at least she didn’t keep digging that hole, so there’s that. But it does go to show that the very first thing all liberals do is wish death on their opponents despite claiming out of the other side of their mouths that they are the more grown up and more tolerant side of our political divide. ALl liberals are hypocrites, for sure.

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