The Worst Is Yet To Come From Snowden Leaks

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Australia’s government and intelligence agency are recently under fire as documents have been released by none other than Edward Snowden.  The whistleblower deemed traitor, has released a document showing that Australia’s intelligence either had the intention of sharing, or did share, citizen information with competing intelligence agencies.

Prime Minister, Tony Abbott is of course denying all claims and Attorney-General George Brandis, attempted discrediting the report by saying that it in fact wasn’t a report, but a draft.

“I also note that the unverified document is described as a draft document, which contrary to all reports, does not report or record any activity by any Australian intelligence agency.”

The political fallout seems to be maintained as top level politicians and authorities are citing, “longstanding government protocols of not discussing intelligence matters.”  This permanent gag-order isn’t settling well with some of Australia’s citizens as many have questions. However, as the government hides behind their wall of reasoning in the name of national security, Senators boast that, “It’s actually just a good discipline around the national interest.”

Although the wall of silence surrounds the issue, Attorney-General George Brandis did state that, “I am aware of reports published this morning by The Guardian Australia which make certain claims about the alleged activities of Australia’s intelligence organizations,” He went on to say, “Those claims are made on the basis of material placed in the public domain by the American traitor Edward Snowden,” and that, “the document of which the report is based is unverified.”

Isn’t that convenient? They can sympathize with the man, but then later go on to call the man a traitor when their credibility is at stake.

It sounds like not only is the US government responsible of invading the privacy of citizens in the name of security.  It also seems as if Obama isn’t the only one unable to admit when they have made a mistake and take responsibility for their actions.

As the Australian government continues to back pedal, they do give warning that, “We are watching with great acuity what is happening in the space. But we must assume the worst.”

Too bad they’ll probably just sweep this under the rug saying that they are prohibited from sharing intelligence matters. The same way Obama labeled Snowden a traitor for sharing the illegal acts of the government, Australia will too find a loophole to slip through.

What happened to accountability?

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