VIDEO: Horrific Assault on Jewish Man – Knockout Game Victim?

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The “knockout game” continues to grow as a tenth victim has been claimed by the asinine game.  This time, a Jewish man in Bronx, Eli Leidner, 26, was approached and punched in the forehead.  Having not been successful in her attempt, the female assailant took off running, laughing with her friends.

Leidner claimed that, “Two people came at me and the woman hit the front of my face like this. They just laughed afterwards and ran away, they didn’t say any words.”

A new trend is coming to light as more and more victim come forward with reports of the knockout game.  Authorities are beginning to realize that the people being attacked are predominately Jewish.  Having a hard time even admitting that the knockout game was occurring, referring to it as an “urban myth,” police are still having trouble admitting the targeting of Jews.

New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind did state however, that, “It seems clear that overwhelmingly here in New York the victims have been Jewish, there’s no question about that.”

The victim, Leidner, states, “I believe it’s a knockout,” referring to the knockout game. He expresses further concern saying, “I walk the streets with my wife. I find myself looking in front of me, in back of me. You know, who’s the person.” He then asks, “What kind of human being would just walk over to somebody and punch them, and that excites them?”

Hikind conveys that, “You have New Yorkers who are afraid to walk the streets, afraid to let their kids walk the in streets because you don’t know who the next victim is going to be.”

Too bad handguns are illegal in NYC as other news reports have shown this to be quite the deterrent for would-be “knockout” assailants.

What would you do if you were the next victim of the knockout game?

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