Abortion Doc Who Had 36 Bags of Aborted Babies in Storage Unit Found Dead

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Authorities report that a Mississippi abortion doctor who has a long history of criminal behavior and botched procedures was found dead in his home from natural causes that led to an accidental death on November 28.

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Doctor Joseph Booker, police say, was in the shower when he suddenly had a stroke. The affliction caused him to fall to the tub floor and drown from the overflowing water at his home in Madison, Mississippi.

Booker has a long and controversial history in the abortion business. He has convictions for tax evasion, was once found to have been storing the remains of dozens of dead babies in a storage facility, and botched an abortion so badly that his patient went into a coma in 2003.

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Booker was convicted of tax evasion in 1999 and served time in prison for the offense. After his conviction, a resident of Ocean Springs, Mississippi purchased Booker’s unpaid storage facility and found 36 bags of dead babies inside.

One of his worst cases of medical malpractice was in 2003 when he botched an abortion that left patient Daschica Thomas in a coma. Thomas later had to get blood transfusions and contracted a blood infection from that procedure.

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Thomas and her husband sued Dr. Booker and won a $600,000 settlement against him.

By 2010 Booker was fired as a doctor from Jackson Women’s Health Organization and he tried unsuccessfully to sue them for wrongful termination.

Now he is dead from the stroke/drowning. What a way to go, eh?

Well, that is one abortion doc down, anyway. Tell us your thoughts.

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