Texas School Official Warns Girls to ‘Stop Dressing Like Hoes’

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An administrator at a Houston, Texas area high school is under fire for scolding girls for “dressing like hoes” at school.

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School Support Officer Dr. Tameca Richardson made the comment at an assembly on the campus of Jack Yates High School in Houston, reports say.

Jack Yates High School, Houston, Texas.

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Dr. Richardson warned girls to stop “dressing like hoes” in order to better abide by the school dress code.

But once word got home to parents, some complained that Dr. Richardson used inappropriate language to urge kids to dress better.

Some students support Dr. Richardson.

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Enough complaints came in from parents for the school to issue an apology

HISD issued a statement, which included an apology:

Although the administrator had good intentions and was trying to instill pride and purpose in the students, her approach and tone were perhaps inappropriate and not approved by the district. The district apologizes to all Yates students who were offended and wants to assure families and community members this will not happen again.

Now, let’s talk about this a bit. Yes, it wasn’t very “grown up” for this supposedly educated administrator to use the slang word “hoes” like that and, yes, she should have set a better example. However, her sentiment was correct.

Dr. Richardson just chose an ignorant way to relay her information. But she was right.

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Now catch this idiocy from one complaining parent…

“You don’t know what sort of homes half of these girls are coming from, or any of these kids are coming from and for you to make a statement like that, you don’t know their living conditions, and you don’t know their parents’ financial state. So, that may be the only thing that they have to wear. And for you to say something like that, that’s inconsiderate.”

There is absolutely everything wrong with this idiotic statement and it is an all too common sort of comment from stupid people everywhere, a sort of nihilism that proves that Americans are turning stupid.

First of all, whether the girls in question are poor or rich, whether they have attentive parents or careless ones, none of that matters at all toward the fact that they are dressing like prostitutes. Girls don’t need to be rich or have loving parents to dress appropriately and it was absolutely correct for this administrator to tell these girls that they are dressing inappropriately and that they need to change their ways.

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This idiot complaining parent is just wallowing in the “you can’t talk about us” morass that holds that if you don’t know everything about a person, you can’t say anything about them. This is a fallacy. I don’t need to know everything about Miley Cyrus’s life to know that she is acting inappropriately and neither does anyone else. Miley is acting like a hoe and she should stop it.

Likewise, if too many high schoolers are dressing like whores in school they should be scolded and made to dress appropriately no matter how much money their parents have.

Do you think too many kids don’t know how to act or dress appropriately in public these days? Tell us your thoughts below.

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