GRAPHIC VIDEO: Woman Bites Off Man’s Lip In Beer Brawl

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A graphic video has surfaced on the web showing a woman gruesomely tearing off a man’s lip with her teeth.

In what looks like drunken agitation, the two were in a bit of a quarrel as the video began.  It looks as if the woman tries to part ways, but not before giving one last shove to the man sending him into his friend.


Already irritated, it looks as if the man sought to settle the score as he went over and attempted to put something in the woman’s face or mouth. This pushed the woman over the edge causing her to commit one of the most heinous things ever caught on film—aside from a few even more gory videos.

The woman stands up and begins throwing punches directed at the man’s head.  As the man continues to stumble around, you can see that the smile on his face seems to irritate her even more.


But alas, the woman seems to find the man’s weakness—his camera.

As she grabs onto the camera, you see the man get upset screaming obscenities at the woman demanding she release his most prized possession. At this moment, the woman takes advantage of the distracted man and strikes.


Lunging forward the woman sinks her teeth into the man’s lower lip.  He tries to shake free but she has clamped down too hard.

You can hear his friends begin to shout as the notice the gravity of the situation.  Screaming that the woman is, “biting his lip,” and telling her to, “let go,” his friends can only watch in terror.  The woman gives one last pull on the lip sending the man flying forward before the video cuts out.


Apparently after the video ended,the woman finished the job by biting down the rest of the way and tearing the lip from his face.  The woman then reportedly spat the chunk of his face onto the floor.

The woman was arrested shortly after and the man was taken to a hospital where he underwent reconstructive surgery to have his lip reattached.

There has been no word yet if she was able to finish her Chianti before being arrested.


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