Woman Brags About Her Welfare, Says She Smokes Weed And Will NEVER Work

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Hosts on a KLBJ radio station in Austin, Tx, had been talking about how accustomed people have become when it comes to welfare.  Expressing the fact that some people would rather sit around and wait for their free check in the mail than go to work, got at least one listener upset. The listener called in to say that she would always be on welfare, and that everyone else is an idiot for doing otherwise.

Host: “Are you talking on an Obama phone as well?”

Lucy: “Yeah, I get an Obama phone.”

The woman, who identified herself as “Lucy,” offers a different standpoint on the situation.  Lucy then begins to describe why she is on welfare, and why she will never work.

The 32 year old woman lists all the support she receives, totaling over $1200 a month, and also informs the hosts that her husband also receives financial assistance but designates these funds as, “for the family.”

Lucy: “Well, I only pay $50 a month for rent. It’s supposed to be $600 something, so there’s $550 right there. I get $425 a month for food stamps. I get $150 month to pay my electric bill. I get a cell phone and then I get $100 a month paid towards for water.”

Host: “Do you have any kids, Lucy?”

Lucy: “I have three kids.”

Host: “Does your husband work?”

Lucy: “He’ll work every now and then. Part time. But he doesn’t work very much. He doesn’t feel the need for it.”

Host: “Does he get benefits as well?”

Lucy: “Yeah. Those are family benefits.”

She expresses disgust in the inference that people who work are “good people” and insists that she is a good person even though she is on welfare.  Lucy then describes her day of lying around and smoking weed.

Lucy: “I just want to say while workers out there are people like you that are preaching morality at people like me living on welfare, can you really blame us? I mean, I get to sit home, I get to go visit my friends all day, I even get to smoke weed.”

After being asked, Lucy tells the hosts that she expects to be on welfare for the rest of her life.

Lucy argues that if the radio hosts were offered one million dollars they would take it too saying that over the span of her life, she expects to have received at least that much from welfare.

Lucy: “But you know, if somebody offered you a million dollars, no strings attached, would you walk away from it?”

One of the hosts then asks Lucy if she viewed the working class as idiots because we go to work instead of staying home and reaping the benefits that have been paid by those working.  Lucy sadly replied that she did think working was foolish declaring that even though she doesn’t work, she’s still going to get paid.

The other host asks Lucy if her parents were also on welfare, to which she answered yes –shocking, right? The apple must not fall far from the freeloader tree.

Either way the woman tells the hosts that she really has no plans of getting off welfare because she doesn’t want to.  Shortly after, she does admit that she is able to work, she just would rather not.

Trying to persuade the woman to change her views, the host urges Lucy to be a good role model for her children.

Isn’t it great to pay such high taxes so people can collect their check on the first of the month? Some people need welfare, and actually need the assistance, but its people like Lucy that are the problem.

The hosts were trying to say that people too lazy to be inconvenienced to go work for a living shouldn’t be given free money. They also point out the fact that democratic politicians rely on this dependency and stubbornness to stay in office.

I think they proved their point.

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