Teen In Coma After Being Tasered By Police For Trying to Break Up Fight

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There’s always a fine line between proper and excessive force in the world of police.  That line however is highly scrutinized being in a power of authority.

A teen is in the hospital still, one week after being tasered by police for trying to break up a fight between two girls during school.


According to reports, the student, Noe Nino de Rivera, had stepped in between two female students in effort to defuse the situation. In the chaotic crowd, Bastrop County Deputy, Randy McMillan, discharged his taser causing Rivera to collapse –Rivera went down hard.  As he landed on his face, the blow caused him to hemorrhage, and the boy began to bleed into his brain.

Instead of calling for medical services, McMillian instead placed the unconscious injured boy in handcuffs.

“Rivera’s devastated mother is now suing Bastrop County, its school district and McMillan, who works as the school resource officer.” She feels that McMillian was never in danger and the situation did not call for the use of a taser.  She also believes that the school, “delayed in calling for medical assistance even though N.N. was in an obvious emergency medical situation.”  article-2515388-19B62C4600000578-465_634x420

She is attempting to be awarded a sum to cover “medical expenses and damages for excessive force,” under the premises of the, “failure to train and discipline and civil rights and education code violations.”

Students who witnessed the attack seem to agree with Rivera’s mother saying that McMillian over reacted. One student told the news that, “There was a crowd watching and the kid was just trying to get the officers to listen to him. When he shot the taser, there was a crowd, and others could have been hit.”

Contradictions to this case are speculated to exist however.  Sissy Jones of the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office relates that there is a video showing Rivera “being aggressive.” She continues, saying that, “He is not complying with any of the verbal orders.” She finishes by confirming the video shows, “One of the officers puts his hand on de Rivera’s chest and says, you need to back up and that’s when de Rivera hits the officer’s hand.”


McMillian had not previously had any complaints prior to the incident, but was placed on patrol until the investigation was completed.

What do you think – excessive force or not?

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