Deer Repeatedly Attacks And Destroys Obama Sign

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It’s really quite a sad notion to observe when nature has more common sense than people do.

According a Texas couple, Beth and Tom Priem, an angry republican kept destroying their Obama sign.  The event occurred so many times that the family had to call and report the crime.  It appeared as if the sign was destroyed in a violent manner and looked like someone had repeatedly stabbed it with a knife.


“They were certain it was a mischievous Republican who didn’t like Obama.”

To the homeowner’s surprise, it wasn’t a person but a deer.  Beth was able to snap a photo of the deer right after it had finished destroying the sign.

The couple now feels a little better and seems to find the whole thing a little funny.  Tom jokes that, “It’s just a weird thing. We were making fun of it, saying the deer must be a Republican.”


The weird thing about it is that it wasn’t the only political sign in the neighborhood. According to Tom, “People across the street have signs and their signs have not been attacked.  Maybe they don’t like something in the front yard where they graze.”

I don’t believe it was a republican deer, but more like God’s way of saying they picked the wrong party.

What do you guys think?

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