Black Friday Shoplifters Shot By Police

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Early today we reported on the many incidents that took place in the craziness that is Black Friday.  More information has come in about one incident in Illinois where a shoplifter was shot while trying to run from police.

The event occurred in Romeoville, Illinois at about 10 o’clock, Thursday night.  Police were told that the men were in progress of stealing merchandise, and waited outside the store for the men.  The men soon exited the store with a shopping cart in tow, to which the officers gave notice.

When approached, the men bolted to a nearby black Pontiac Sunfire.  One of the officers went for the man on the passenger side, but when he approached the vehicle, the thief, Robert Russell, slammed the door shut catching the officer’s arm inside.

Spectators watched as the officer was dragged along as the men took off, unable to disengage from the car.

According to a statement, “A second responding officer verbally ordered the driver multiple times to stop the vehicle as it continued in the parking lot, dragging the officer. After repeated orders to stop, the officer fired three to four shots at the driver.”

The driver, 52 year old Charles Hinch was shot in the left arm.  After being able to subdue the men, Hinch was taken to the hospital and Russell was taken to jail.  Hinch is recovering in Loyola Medical Center and, when better, will be formally charged.

“Russell was booked in the Will County Jail on charges of attempted murder, retail theft and obstructing an officer.”

There was also a third accomplish inside the store while the other men attempted to flee.  Gerald Chamberlain, 28, was also apprehended and charged with one count of felony theft.

The officer has been treated and released for non-life threatening injuries.

This high intensity event however, did not stop sale seekers.  Ignoring police caution tape, unhindered shoppers ducked underneath and continued about their way.

Are the sales really this important?

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