Woman Denied Entry to USA – Her Depression Makes Her A “Threat”

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This is an odd story. A Canadian woman was denied entry into the USA by a US border agent because the woman had been hospitalized in 2012 for depression. The agent said she might pose a threat to herself or others with such a history of mental illness. But, how did the agent find all this out?

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Ellen Richardson, a paraplegic confined to a wheel chair, had scheduled a cruise that was to leave from New York, but when she tried to enter the USA she was denied entry.

Canadian paraplegic Ellen Richardson denied entry into the USA.

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Apparently the border agent cited the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 212, which denies entry to people with a physical or mental disorder that may “pose a threat” to the USA.

Richardson told the media that she was given a sheet of paper that informed her that a “systems check” had found the details of her hospitalization. The agents then told her that she would need “special authorization” to enter the USA.

Now the disabled woman is out her $6,000 fee she paid for her cruise and rescheduling is not that easy as her paralysis makes planning especially difficult.

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But Richardson’s big question is how the heck did US border agents have access to her personal medical records?

Another odd aspect is that she has traveled into the USA several times in the past and never had her suitability questioned.

The woman became a paraplegic after trying to commit suicide by jumping off a viaduct in 2001 and has had bouts with mental illness ever since.

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Richardson has gotten a lawyer and tasked him with finding out how the US border agent had access to her medical records in what she is calling a “breach of privacy.” She is also claiming “discrimination” because of her disability, too.

In the mean time we can’t stop a million drug-dealing Mexicans from coming over the boarder every year. Sigh.

So, what do you think? Was the US perfectly within its rights to deny this woman entry? I think so. Do you?

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