Bounty Hunter’s Wife Arrested For Verbal Harassment – Charges Dropped

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Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife are the people to keep an eye out for if you find yourself on the wrong side of the law.  However, earlier this year, Dog’s wife, Beth Chapman, found herself in front of a judge.

After almost being run over by a teenager and man who wanted her autograph, the woman had some harsh words for the fans.  Apparently the man who almost ran her over, jumped out of his car, and began to run over to them.  Beth quickly noticed that the man had a sidearm holstered with one hand on the handle.

The situation quickly defused when the man simply stated, ”We’re big fans and we want autographs and photos.” As Beth’s adrenaline continued to fuel her rage, and in effort to protect her children, the woman became quite abrasive.

She says that, “I wanted him to get away because as he was talking to me he had one hand on his firearm. I called Duane because the guy had a gun.”

Dog himself showed up and told the fans to get lost, and when they didn’t listen, they called the cops.  Beth had some words that needed to be heard, and after expressing them, they packed up and left before the police arrived. They claimed that they didn’t want their children anywhere near firearms.

The couple however, stuck around to give police their statement.

Needless to say, Beth was picked up and charged with the misdemeanor offense of verbal harassment.

After 4 months, all charges against the television star have been dropped. Beth has always maintained her innocence regarding the issue, and the “The District Attorney’s Office in Colorado Springs has dismissed the Harassment Accusation.”

Her lawyer states that, “Beth Chapman will always aggressively protect her family. The dismissal of the misdemeanor charges is welcomed and appropriate.”

After months of publicity and patience, Beth’s determination has paid off. Beth does relay however, that, “It’s outrageous that police resources would be wasted on such a ridiculous incident.”

Anyone who has watched the show knows that both Beth and her husband portray aggressive qualities in the heat of the moment. But when all is said and done, the Chapman’s usually have a nice chat with those they pursued after thanking God for their victory.

Do you think this was justified, or judicial elasticity due to their public image?

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