Teacher Jailed After Pursuing 16 Year Old Student And Having Unprotected Sex With Him

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Well another teacher is at it again.  This time, a teacher in England, Janette Kilner, 33, was arrested for having sex with a 16 year old student.

The relationship followed after the student had given the teacher a bracelet.  Reportedly Kilner was going through a rough patch after breaking up with her boyfriend and her father becoming terminally ill. Apparently Kilner took this as more than a gift, meant to cheer the teacher up, and began to pursue the student.

Janette Kilner

The relationship gradually gained traction starting out with having the boy stay after class and come in on weekends.  The two then exchanged emails and phone numbers where they began sharing sexually explicit text messages.

As the relationship progressed, Kilner had arranged to pick the boy up in her car outside of class.  It was during these car rides that the physical nature of their relationships began to mature.  The two reportedly kissed while they were driving.  Finally, the teacher took the student to her house where the two continued kissing in her house.  The teacher wanted to move things upstairs, but the student was hesitant.  Over time he, of course, obliged the woman and went upstairs with her.  The two then engaged in intercourse.

The sickest part about this is that Kilner had unprotected sex with the boy.  You see, Kilner had recently been engaging in a sex train, going from partner to partner.  She had been using the internet in order to find any men or women willing to meet up for sex in her car, and act referred to as “dogging.”


“Kilner, who lived in Dagenham, Essex, pleaded guilty to six counts of sexual activity with a child by an adult in a position of trust, sentencing her to 14 months imprisonment.”

The judge ended the court case saying,

“This is a tragic case, having read the reports about you. Clearly this is an offence of a serious breach of trust as you were his teacher. It must be noted that the boy was a willing participant but that does not excuse the behavior. You are now barred from teaching children or vulnerable adults but you can apply to be taken off this list in the future.”

It seems we are hearing a lot about teacher student relationships lately.

What do you guys think about this ongoing trend?

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