Owner of Bunny Ranch Brothel Has Deal for Troubled Justing Bieber

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Sadly, pop singer Justin Bieber has left his squeaky-clean image far, far behind. Earlier in the month he was seen patronizing a notorious brothel in Brazil and now the owner of the famed Bunny Ranch whore house in Nevada is offering the Bieb a share of the business to “save him,” he says.

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The owner of the Bunny Ranch, Dennis Hoff, claims he wants to “keep Justin safe” by providing him a place to have sex with prostitutes that are “clean”–if such a thing is possible.

Justin caught by photographers trying to sneak out of Centauros brothel in Brazil covered ineffectually in a sheet.

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“It’s a safety issue. I’m so afraid he’s contracted a disease,” Hof told The Huffington Post. “I’d like him to go to a legal U.S. brothel so he doesn’t endanger his fans.”

Now, you and I both know that Mr. Hoff doesn’t give a flying fig about Justin Beiber’s health and safety. And, in fact, later in the HuffPo interview he proves that all he really cares about is pushing his business into the news.

He thinks the singer’s involvement in the Bunny Ranch could make legal prostitution more mainstream and even has a slogan ready: “Be a Belieber in safe sex.”

“It’s a personality-driven business. We want the young demographic he represents,” he said. “We are creating a special Bieber suite that includes posters, and all his albums on the CD player. Plus, all the visitors can take the bedsheet with them.”

The two women Bieber had sent to his hotel room.

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Of course, Beiber can’t complain that Hoff is trying to capitalize on his name like that. After all, the young singer put himself in this position with his own actions. As they say, actions have consequences.

But one has to wonder what these so-called “stars” think they have to prove? WIth Bieber and Miley Cyrus going off the rails so much one has to wonder why their lives are so empty?

Is this a reflection of how off the rails our entire society is going? Or is it an aberration?

What do you think? Tell us below.

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