Black Friday Mayhem Leads to Arrests, Stabbings And Shootings

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Well, many of you probably went out nice and early this morning in order to get some good deals before the holidays, and we hope that you made it out safely.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for a few Wal-Mart shoppers.

Today everything from arrests to robbery, stabbings and shooting occurred in effort to possess those select few items.

A Black Friday brawl surfaced when two women went after the last of an on-sale television.  The women were caught on video, and you can hear them both begin to shout. Officers quickly deescalated the situation by arresting the woman who did not comply with their orders.  Instead of stepping back like the other woman did, this woman dropped to the ground with a death grip on the merchandise.


Officers arrested the woman and took her away.


In another part of the nation, a victim was stabbed in the parking lot when two men fought over a parking space. The argument developed when one of the men displayed their firearm in a threatening manner.  The other man took out a knife and sliced the man’s arm down to the bone with his knife.  Both men were arrested and charged.

A different man in Las Vegas was stalked after purchasing a television. He was apparently taking the TV into his residence when a thief approached the man and fired a warning shot.  The man dropped the TV which is when the thief grabbed it and ran into a nearby car.  The man attempted to get his TV back but was shot in the leg by the thief.


Many more stories just like these are coming to light as the day continues.

Police in Illinois ended up shooting a suspect after he tried to flee from police.  Apparently, Robert Russell and a group of two other men had tried to shoplift.  When police attempted to intercept the men, Russell got into his friend’s vehicle and shut the door.  The door caught the officer’s arm in it as they began to pull away, dragging the officer with them.  Officers opened fire on the car hitting Charles Hinch, who was in the driver seat, trying to make the getaway.


In California, shoppers broke out into a fight after people kept cutting in line.

A little bit of courtesy goes a long way.


But as it has been said; “Only in America [do] people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.”

Anyone have any good Black Friday stories?

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