Obama Uses Thanksgiving As An Excuse To Promote Food Stamps

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An official White House email was used as an excuse to promote food subsidies, better known as food stamps.

The email started by saying, “Something to think about this Thanksgiving…”

Instead of talking about friends, family, and neighbors to be thankful for, the email pushed food stamps. Then, of course, Republicans were blamed for Americans losing their benefits.


Here is the reality of food stamps:

Government welfare is well intended, but it can make poor people comfortable remaining in poverty. Almost one in six, or 47.5 million, Americans now receive food stamps. Over 13 million more people receive the food subsidies today than when Obama took office.

SNAP is also ridden with fraud. Many individuals trade their food stamps for cash and drugs, but the government does little to address this issue.

Some liberals assert that food stamp use is up because the economy is bad, but that is simply not the case. Food stamp spending nearly doubled years ago, before the current recession. The program’s budget rose from $19.8 billion in 2000 to $37.9 billion in 2007. Congress should means test the food stamps program much more aggressively to focus on the truly needy, while eliminating disincentives for individuals to go to work.

This is certainly one of the most pressing issues facing the nation. But it receives almost no coverage from the so-called mainstream media.

What will it take for the media and citizens to wake up? Will it take 50% of all citizens receiving food stamps? 75%?

Americans have become obsessed with the “1%” and “99%.” They should instead focus on the 17% taking from the 83%. That is a statistic worth protesting in our public parks.

On a happier note: Happy Thanksgiving!

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