Another Knock Out Game Victim, This Time in D.C.

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The so-called knock out game is now in the nation’s capitol, Washington D.C., as victim Phoebe Connolly found earlier this week.

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As CNN reported on Anderson Cooper 360 on November 26, “Connolly, a possible victim of game where teenagers appear to sucker-punch strangers, is encouraging people to think critically about how such attacks can be stopped.”

Victim Phoebe Connolly

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The young woman was riding her bicycle in the Columbia Heights area of Washington D.C. when she was struck without warning by one of a crowd of teens.

She had passed through a group of teenagers, she said, when one of them “reached out and punched me in the face.” “The whole group of kids laughed.”

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The woman noted that after she was attacked for no reason she was alerted to the fact that a group of black teens had attacked another person in DC earlier in the week. She now thinks she was a victim of the so-called knock out game.

There is one similar feature to nearly every report on these mounting attacks. The media flat out refuses to report that it is usually black teens perpetrating the violence.

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Is this just another example in growing racial tensions that the media refuses to report to us? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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