Graphic Video Showing The Moment Sperm Whale Explodes

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In a moment where he could only be thinking, “Why did I volunteer for this,” Bjarni Mikkelsen was recently caught on tape and placed on YouTube.  Mikkelsen, a marine biologist at the National Museum of the Faroe Islands, had the unlucky job that was recorded on camera.

One of two whales that had been beached in the Faroe Islands, had been selected to have its skeleton displayed in a local museum.  That being the case, it fell on Mikkelsen to prepare the remains.


He told reporters that, “The animal was more than two days old when we took it so we knew there would be some pressure on the inside, but nothing like what happened.”

The video starts out as Mikkelsen begins to make the cut when all of a sudden, the gases trapped in the corpse exploded, erupting the whales liquefied organs through the air.  He says, “It wasn’t a shock. We had expected something. In the situation I was more worried about something worse happening or anyone getting hurt.”


Mikkelsen informed that, “We were cutting along the dorsal part of the animal so when it exploded it did so in a very controlled way.” He does later admit that, “It was very loud, I suppose. It’s something everyone here is talking about.”

The whale had dies of natural causes after accidently swimming up a narrow channel and becoming stuck on land.  The skeleton is still planned on being used in the museum while the rest of the whale’s remains are expected to be disposed of.


Do you find this fascinating or disgusting?

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