Utah Hunting Group Receives Death Threats From Animal Activists

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It’s no news that there are two sides to the killing of animal’s argument.  On one hand, you have those that don’t mind and consider it a God-given right. On the other hand, you have those who would never harm animals, and don’t even eat things like milk or eggs.

Of course, you do also have those that walk the middle of the road and don’t really mind either way.

Well, death threats have been made to Jason Fackrell after he showed his support to a hunter that had poster her picture online.  The photograph contained her and an adult male lion corpse she had killed while on a safari in Africa.

Fackrell, the founder of Hunters Against PETA, has reportedly received so many death threats from animal activists that he had to move.


The intimidations consisted of things such as, “I wish to have some money to kill you myself.” Another comment, “talked about killing Melissa Bachman, the hunter who posted the picture.”

Apparently the move was decided after computer hackers had recently released Fackrell’s personal information, including his address.   This isn’t the first time he has been in this type of situation either as he has had family members threatened before in the past.

Not quite understanding the position of some activists, he expresses that, “90 percent of the population eats meat, but it’s OK to threaten the life of a human being that kills an animal.” He goes on to argue that, “I’ve never seen hunters threaten the lives of animal rights activists because they don’t like hunting, so there definitely is a double standard.”

PETA claims that they have no affiliation with those making the death threats.

“More than 375,000 people signed a petition to ban Bachman, the host of ‘Winchester Deadly Passion,’ from gaining entry again into South Africa.”

In my opinion, you only kill what you need to eat, never for the thrill of the kill – What’s your stance on this issue?

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