Is Xbox Kinect Listening Into Your Skype Calls & Banning You for ‘Foul Language’?

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Xbox One Kinect users are claiming that their accounts are being suspended for use of foul language while playing, but there are also users saying that their accounts were suspended after they used foul language on private Skype calls. Is Microsoft listening in on private Skype calls?

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Paul Watson reports that Kinect users are finding that their gaming uploads are being flagged and their accounts canceled if they include foul language. But many connect users on Twitter have been claiming that Microsoft is also canceling their accounts for using foul language on private Skype accounts.

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Microsoft says that it does not monitor private Skype calls, but has admitted in the past that they do regularly scan Skype for “fraud.”

So, what do you think? Is Microsoft going outside its gaming platform and banning users based on their behavior outside the games?

Of course, if these people on Skype are commonly using foul language, isn’t it likely that they are also using foul language as they play their Xbox games? And maybe they aren’t being banned because of their Skype calls but for their behavior during the games?

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It may be a chicken and egg question. What came first, the cursing on the Xbox games or the cursing on Skype?

Tell us your thoughts below.

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