Obama Orders Hollywood Filmmakers To Get Rid Of Violent Scenes

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Obama is at it again – focusing on everything but the important matters of his presidency that need attending.  We all know he was recently on a tour begging people for money to support his corrupt agenda, but on Tuesday, he made a stop in Hollywood.

The president found the need to take time out of his, what should be, busy schedule to talk to film makers.  Obama relayed that film creators should, “think long and hard” about gun violence in movies. He expresses that, “We gotta make sure that we’re not glorifying it.”

It is tiring watching this man walk all over the constitution in effort to gain favorability amongst US citizens.  Film creators have the right to free speech which means that they can put whatever they please in their movies.

The December issue of Pediatrics found that PG-13 movies are now more violent than R-rated movies. “Violent encounters with guns occur, on average, more than twice an hour in the best sellers in both ratings categories.”  If this was the case, maybe Obama could have gone after stricter rating rules, but yet again, we see him enforcing his way of thinking regardless of our country’s law.

Obamacare is illegal, the gun control law he tried to pass was illegal, and what he is proposing here is illegal.

He focused his speech on a group of executives and employees that work for DreamWorks. This come as a lot of speculation has already been made that Obama is playing favorites with the DreamWorks CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Katzenberg has reportedly donated some very significant funds in effort to support Obama, and other donators are becoming jealous.  It seems as if Obama is going out of his was to avoid other supporters while setting up private, unscheduled meetings with the DreamWorks CEO.

The actions of the president may come on the heels of his rejected gun law proposal. During the time when he was trying to push the law through congress, he was giving a free pass to the movie industry.  He was allowing them to purchase, what would have been, illegal firearms in order to use in their movies.

Members of congress viewed this as hypocritical as movies are the ones who profit most off of guns and violence.

Do you think this makes Obama appear to have integrity?

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