CANCELED: Alex Baldwin Thrown Off MSNBC

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Well, after his umpteenth attack on paparazzi and his millionth gay slur, loud-mouthed actor Alec Baldwin finally experienced a tiny bit of consequences from his actions and was fired from his evening MSNBC talk show.

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Baldwin’s low rated cable TV show debuted only a few weeks ago. It was curiously called Up Late With Alec Baldwin even though it aired at 9PM. I guess for the old folks at MSNBC 9PM is “late.”

Once again Alex Baldwin goes after the paparazzi.

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The reason Baldwin is being canned–theough MSNBC said it was a “mutual decision”–is because of his latest gay slur-filled rant. Several weeks ago Baldwin was confronted with another photog and the volatile actor screamed that the man was a “cocksucking fag.”

Apparently, this was the final straw for MSNBC. Baldwin was initially suspended for two weeks, but as soon as that happened the actor began to hint that he probably wasn’t coming back at all. Looks like he was right on that one!

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Now it is being reported that MSNBC is cutting ties with its low rated host. Alec Baldwin… you’re fired.

Now if only we can get that idiot Martin Bashir fired for saying that someone should urinate and defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth, eh?

But, what have we learned here? On MSNBC it is OK to attack conservative women with vile, hate-filled attacks right on the air, but don’t say “fag: during a confrontation in your personal, off-air life.

As you can see MSNBC is not against hate, incivility, and a foul mouth. They just don’t want to slur gays. There ARE priorities, after all!

What do you think? Did Baldwin deserve to be fired? Tell us your thoughts below.

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