BREAKING: Speaker Boehner is Now Signed Up for Obamacare

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After fighting to put Obamacare on hold for months, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R, OH) has at last signed up for Obamacare himself.

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Last week the Speaker made a show of trying to sign up but due to the impossible mess that the Obamacare website was then, this week he was unable to complete his task of signing up.

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But now, weeks later, CNN reports that he has completed the signup procedure and is now covered under the Washington D.C. exchange.

Boehner was able to signup on the DC exchange but found that his premium and his deductible are both going up, though he is fortunate because his isn’t going up by the hundreds per month as that being experienced by most other Americans.

In a Tweet last week, Boehner called his experience “a trainwreck.”

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Boehner’s costs went from $433 a month premium with a $700 deductible for both himself and his wife to $449 a month premium with a $1,000 deductible but his wife isn’t covered. She is going to have to go to Medicare.

Of course, Boehner gets a big Congressional perk, one he wanted to eliminate but one Obama and the Democrats insisted upon. Members of Congress and their staffers will get a taxpayer-funded $426 a month subsidy bump in pay that will go to their own healthcare costs.

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Isn’t it nice that while we common citizens are forced to pay higher healthcare costs we also get the “privilege” of paying for nearly all of the healthcare costs for our politicians and their staffers?

It’s good to be in the ruling class, isn’t it?

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