Couple Where Both Have Had A Sex Change Are Getting Married

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A couple has recently announced their engagement and it’s all over the news.  The couple’s engagement has been deemed news worth because both of them have undergone sex change operations.

According to the couple, Mark Cummings and Jessica O’Donnell, have never been as happy as they are now and claim their, “relationship is the kind that people dream of.”


Mark Cummings used to be known as Maritza when he was growing up as a girl.  He claims that his life was full of pain and suffering caused by the mockery and hatred of others.


Jessica grew up as a boy named Shawn. According to Jessica, her struggle was so severe that she attempted suicide, and when she finally told her family her feelings at age 35, they disowned her.


Then one night, two years ago, the two came together and have claimed “love at first sight,” ever since.

During an interview, Jessica stated that, “For years I thought I was a gay man, but now I know who I am and Mark completes me. Our relationship is the kind that people dream of – our first kiss was magic.”


The two have since become engaged and couldn’t be happier.

Mark expresses that, “Going through all the pain we’ve been through it’s almost like we were rewarded by being placed in each other’s lives.  With Jessica I have found true love for the first time in my life – It’s like something you see in the movies.”

Today the couple hosts a radio show that promotes self esteem and “awareness about issues facing transgender people.”

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Asked to reflect on their relationship, Mark states that, “’Because she has gone through the same journey as me she knows the pain and suffering that it can be to be a transgender person.”  Jessica would ask, “’If people want to judge us for our relationship I would say, what makes your relationship better than mine?’

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Mark even went so far to admit that he was a virgin until the age of 48 when he and Jessica consummated their love.  Mark shares that, “’Losing my virginity to Jessica is something incredibly special that I’ll never forget.’

Jessica is planning on taking Mark’s last name as a symbol of her love and commitment to each other. The couple has even gone so far as to tattoo themselves with each other’s name.

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Mark finishes the interview by saying, “I love fulfilling the role as Jessica’s provider and protector. I love taking care of her – I call her my princess.”

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