Pitbull Tears Off 5 Year Old Boy’s Penis

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A scared boy is still in the hospital after being attacked by a family pitbull two weeks ago.

According to police reports, the boy’s mother had dropped him off at his grandmothers apartment to visit with his aunt. In the mean time, the grandmother was also watching her daughter’s pitbull named Momma.

On several occasions, the grandmother, Marissa Pettiford, had warned the boy not to go near the dog as it was violent and might hurt the child. Knowing this, the boy attempted to crawl into bed with his aunt and Momma, which is when the dog attacked and severed the boy’s penis.


Although the dog had no history of hurting anyone, he left the boy with more injuries than just his genitals –several more scratches, bite marks and puncture wounds were noted.

“He was rushed to a Bronx hospital and later transferred to another area hospital where he is recovering.”  “Microvascular surgery, which enables doctors to see and reattach tiny blood vessels, now allows surgical reattachment of the organ.”

The grandmother, as well as the aunt’s father, Vernon Jackson, have been charged with having an unlicensed dangerous dog, which carries the maximum sentence of up to a year in jail.  They have also charged Pettiford, Jackson, and the boy’s mother with allowing a dog to commit a nuisance.

Apparently the dog should not have even been in the apartment at all as there was a ban on all dogs larger than 25 pounds – probably for this reason exactly.

Jackson is being held on $15,000 bail and the dog has since been euthanized.

Let’s add to the long fought dispute of whether this was the dog’s fault or the owners. What do you think?

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