List Of George Zimmerman’s Weapons Released

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As we have reported, earlier is month George Zimmerman was recently arrested for threatening his live-in girlfriend with a gun, locking her out, and barricading himself inside her house. After police were able to diffuse the situation and arrest Zimmerman, a search was conducted on the scene.

As of Monday, CNN released a list of the police findings.

In the house Zimmerman was arrested in, Police found;

Three handguns
One 12-gauge shotgun
One AR-15 rifle
106 rounds of ammunition, including two AR-15 magazines

One of the handguns was the one used in the Trayvon Martin self-defense case.  It had since been returned to him after the court case.


It’s a good thing Zimmerman was compliant and didn’t decide to try and fight off police as it could have been quite the disaster. 

In addition, police also cataloged three handgun holsters, a religious pendant, a flashlight, a pocket knife, sanitizing wipe, a soft-sided gun case, a combination lock, and, for some reason, a pack of gum.”

Zimmerman was released on bail after paying $9000, but had to agree to stay away from his ex-girlfriend as well as wear an ankle bracelet that tracks his location.

Zimmerman has since made accusations that his ex-girlfriend had set him up inferring that he is innocent of all crimes.

Do you think it is justifiable that Zimmerman had all those guns?

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