Woman Says Cop Repeatedly Sprayed Mace in Her Genitals for ‘Punishment’

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A New Mexico woman who was arrested on suspicion of drug possession says that corrections officers stripped her naked and repeatedly sprayed mace into her genitals as “punishment” for not doing what they demanded that she do.

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“It’s tantamount to torture,” Peter Simonson, the Executive Director of ACLU of New Mexico told KOB TV.

The woman, Marlene Tapia, says that after she was arrested, she was stripped naked and was told to remove the drugs from her vagina. She said she had nothing there. But instead of sending her to the medical staff for a probe, the corrections officer made her bend over at the waist and endure a series of blasts of mace into her vagina.

Tapia said she experienced pain for weeks after the assault.

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The ACLU filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Tapia though the incident occurred two years ago. The ACLU investigated the incident for two years attempting to get the Bernalillo County Department of Corrections to address the situation.

The ACLU said that it took so long because building civil rights cases is “complicated’ but they did file within the two year statute of limitations.

“It’s just the maliciousness, the wanton disregard, wanton maliciousness that the corrections officer demonstrated. This is the kind of chemical that is intended to be sprayed on other parts of the body, to cause pain, but to spray it on the very most sensitive part of a person’s body only doubles the pain,” Simonson said.

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The ACLU rep said they are bringing this lawsuit to “ensure that these sorts of things don’t happen to another person.”

So, what do you think? More police brutality? More police state outrage? Tell us your thoughts below.

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