Man Makes Firing Gun From Items TSA Allows on Airplanes

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This is not only pretty funny, but quite inventive. A man in Tennessee has made a firing gun from the sort of items that you can buy in an airport terminal after passing through security, items deemed safe enough by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) that passengers can carry onto a flight.

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The gun that Evan Booth terms a “breakback shotgun,” or a “blunderbuss,” is made of things like a Red Bull can, a hair dryer, a refrigerator magnate, batteries, a rubberized hair band, magazines and packing tape, but it can fire its projectile (made of coins) through a piece of drywall at 260 foot pounds per second.

Evan Booth’s makeshift “blunderbuss” shotgun construction.

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Booth said that he began to study the matter after the TSA began to use body scanners as a security measure.

“It just seemed so invasive, really expensive,” Booth said. “And if you’re going to go through all that trouble getting into the terminal, why is all this stuff available in the terminal?”

How the makeshift gun is loaded.

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One of Booth’s goals was to show that danger is everywhere, including in areas deemed “secure.”

“If we’re trying stop a terrorist threat at the airport. It’s already too late,” he insisted.

The explosive results of firing the “blunderbuss.”

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“The idea for his BLUNDERBUSiness gun came to him after he realized airports sell lithium batteries,” The Daily Mail writes. “When mixed with water, that lithium can create enough heat to turn a can of Axe body spray into aromatic ammunition.”

And here is what damage the makeshift gun can do.

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The young man also went to the extent of contacting the FBI and other federal agencies so that the federal government would understand that he is undertaking research, not debuting as a newfangled sort of terrorist.

Booth originally put his video on Youtube, but Youtube pulled the video claiming it violated the rules on “harmful activities.”

Booth also made a working crossbow from items he bought inside the terminal after he passed through security.

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