Toronto’s Crack Smoking Mayor Has Higher Approval Rates Than Obama

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It’s a sad day in the United States where we can’t remove a man from office that has such abysmal approval rates, that a man who has admitted to smoking crack and driving drunk, can beat him.

You read that right — Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford is doing better in the polls than Obama.

According to a survey of 1049 Canadians, 42% approve of the job he is doing up north, whereas Obama cowers below only reaching 37%.


This is even after Mayor Rob Ford recently announced that he smoked crack on a drunken binge.  Apparently, Ford’s rates have even come down by two points, but are still up from the 39% he held before admitting to doing drugs.

Forum President Lorne Bozinoff says that the reason for this is because, “Nothing more he can do will surprise them or put them off,” speaking about voters.

I guess that’s just not the same with Obama since everything he seems to do just sinks him further and further in his cave of disapproval.  Maybe the fact that Ford takes responsibility for his actions and admits his shortcomings is the reason for his recent success.


As well all know, Obama will never say he has done anything wrong, because after all, he has never done anything wrong – at least in his eyes.

Perhaps he thinks admitting you’re wrong makes you look weak in the eyes of the people.  But maybe, admitting you’re wrong lets the people know you don’t think you are a god.

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