California Trying To Ban Toy Guns

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Leave it to the Nanny-state to not only take your real guns away, but your fake ones too.  Lawmakers in California are in the process of banning realistic looking toy guns.

The contemplation is caused by genuine concerns as a teenager had recently been killed by a police officer while holding a bb gun resembling an AK-47.  That being said, officers  and legislators wish to limit the possibility of this happening again.

State Sen. Noreen Evans of Santa Rosa says that, “A toy should look like a toy. It should not look like a lethal weapon.”


The law would make it so that all toy, bb and pellet guns would have to be either brightly colored or transparent.

The law already bans weapons like the one the teen was carrying in public, but for family and friend that knew the teen, this isn’t good enough.  On Friday, protester took to the street and demanded that the officer be charged with murder.

A similar bill has already been attempted to pass after similar circumstances resulted in a teen being shot through the spine and paralyzed.  This bill was stalled after gun companies and pro-gun citizens shut it down.

Officers claim this law would allow for, “law enforcement to make rational, wise, split-second decisions when they are in that type of situation.” However, people who disagree with the law state that criminals could just paint their guns to look like toys in effort to conceal them in plain sight.

Is this a legitimate safety concern or just more legislatures trampling on our freedoms?

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