Obama Trashes GOP Then Says, “I’m Not A Particularly Ideological Person”

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You know, Obama must get really tired of his chronic foot-in-mouth disorder.  At a recent fundraising event he told attendees that he is, “not a particularly ideological person,” which is laughable considering the recent government shutdown and his stubbornness to give up on Obamacare despite its failure.

Obama recently went on a mission to leech more money from the rich in efforts to fund the Democratic Party. In an event where he was able to sucker $32,400, from each couple, Obama deposited a significant amount into the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – a democratic pocketbook for campaign costs.

During the event he brought Nancy Pelosi, who he introduced as the “soon-to-be” House speaker, with him to certain people of wealthier status.  Among these people were “Magic” Johnson, the co-creator of Friends, Marta Kauffman, and former Microsoft executive Jon Shirley.

During a speech he made he said:

“I’m not a particularly ideological person,” “There’s things, some values I feel passionately about.” Those include, he said, making sure “everybody gets a fair shake” and “everybody being treated with dignity or respect, regardless of what they look like or who they are.”

What dignity? What respect?

Everything so graciously given to us by this president has been crammed down our throats. But Obama goes on to explain the real reason for all the hiccups thus far as being result of GOP “impediment.” That’s right; republicans are the problem for all of Obama’s issues.

Obama’s money sucking tour comes on the heels of the sought after nuclear deal with Iran. He better get that money while he can, because who knows when Obama will be able to portray himself in a positive way.

Only Liberals can overlook the past 60 days of failure, reach into their wallets and justify it by the good that has happened within the past couple days.

How ideological do you think Obama really is?

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