Man Goes Insane On Plane, Screams ‘There’s a Bomb On This Plane’

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Waring, the above video contains foul language.

A man was forcibly removed by police from a Spirit Airlines flight on the tarmac in Atlanta, Georgia after he became agitated and started screaming that there was a bomb on the plane and that he would set it off if the police didn’t leave him alone.

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When police began to confront the man be started yelling, “There’s a bomb on the plane!” and “If she takes me off, I’ll blow the fu*king plane up!”

Police begin to remove the unruly passenger.

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Police were initially called because the man was throwing things at other passengers and being obnoxious to flight attendants. But he escalated his behavior once police boarded the plane.

Authorities have reported that the man is undergoing psychiatric evaluation at this time. Police also said that there are no plans yet to charge the man with anything.

The man begins screaming and fighting police.

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After the police pulled the unruly man off the plane, the pilot said, “I appreciate everyone’s cooperation. I want to sincerely apologize to everyone on board that airplane today for that.

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