Man Pretends To Be Police Officer, Sexually Assaults Woman

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Carrollton, Texas police are on the hunt for a man who impersonated a police officer in order to convince a women to get in to the back of his car.

This Thursday between 9am and 10am the woman was stopped by a dark four-door car with blue lights on the interior of the windshield. The suspect then walked up to her car and asked her to get out. He then proceeded to handcuff her and place her in his back seat where he sexually assaulted her.

The suspect is being described as a white male between 30-40. Police say he is between 5’5″ and 5’8″ with a medium beard and a dark colored beard. In order to look the part, he was dressed in a long-sleeved blue uniform with a gold, star-shaped badge and gold name tag with numbers on it. He was also described as wearing a police belt with handcuffs, sunglasses, and a baton. The victim did not believe he had a gun on him or a radio and does not remember seeing lights on the exterior of the vehicle. The vehicle also did not have caging in the backseat as most police vehicles do.

The assault took place on I-35E between Valley View Lane and Valwood Parkway. Police took to twitter to ask the public for information and warned motorists to call 911, slow down, put emergency flashers on and drive to a well-lit location if you believe you are being pulled over by someone other than a police officer.

Police released information regarding this assault on the Carrollton PD Facebook page which can be viewed here:

Written by Ben Walters

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