Student Banned From Flying Confederate Flag On Truck

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It has been said that history is written by the victors, and that may just be the case here.  We all know that the confederate flag was the flag flown for the south during our civil war. The flag however has come to mean other things than freedom from government, such as racism and oppression, mostly on account of it being adopted by the KKK.

This is a controversial issue amongst people, and is proving to be the case with an Arizona student.


Jacob Green has been flying a confederate flag on his truck, but recently entered into a physical altercation with another student over the flag.  The other student, who took offense to the flag, started the fight by swinging first.

Both students have been suspended for 5 days and Jacob has been told not to bring the flag back to the school.

According to Jacob, this is an infringement of his first amendment rights, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.


Freedom of speech can be limited on school grounds, as it is a place meant for educational purposes.  That is why teachers aren’t allowed to talk about God, and why the confederate flag can be banned from educational premises.

If people can take offense to certain things, the school takes it upon themselves to guarantee student safety by prohibiting such things.

This isn’t the first time the confederate flag has been in the spotlight.  Supreme Court cases have even made rulings in favor of the schools, considering it “patently offensive.”


The school has informed Green that if he does bring the flag back to the school, he will be expelled.

Do you think he has the right to fly the flag?

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