VIDEO: Petite Woman Beats Up Robber

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We all know that criminals prey on the weak.  At least, that was the idea when a man in a recent video had when he attempted to steal a woman’s purse.

The video starts out by showing a woman pulling into her gated driveway.  You see the two criminals on a dirt bike behind the woman.

The criminals then circle back around as their intentions are made clear.  Pulling perpendicular to the driveway, the thief on the back of the bike hops off and holds open the gate.


He lets himself in as the woman begins to get out of her car. He then makes his attack, grabs the purse, and begins to pull as hard as he can, as the panicked woman pulls back.

The woman seems to calm herself, and then turns the tables on the thief.

In an instant of game turning events, the woman suddenly attacks her assailant.  Kneeing him twice, one to the gut, the other to his backside, the woman then pushes him to the ground.  As the man goes out of sight, the woman continues to pummel the man with massive blows.

She was beating the man so badly that his partner in crime had to come in and save him.  As the woman backs off, the other criminal is able to help his friend hobble away, but not before losing his shoe.

I guess the police have a Cinderella style mystery on their hands. But instead of a castle waiting for them, these two might just get to share a cell together.

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