Woman’s Returns To Hometown, Finds It Overtaken By Radical Muslims

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As a result of recent rumor, a woman, Stacey Dooley, returned home to Luton, England to see if her beloved hometown had been taken over by radical Muslims.

To her sad misfortune, the rumors were true.

In an obnoxious display, Dooley witnessed proof of what everyone had been talking about.  Muslims were marching the street chanting things like, “UK go to hell,” and, “British police go to hell.”  It seems once again, Muslims are enjoying the freedoms that different countries provide, but want the people who provided it, to die.


Apparently, the march was in protest to the arrest of Mona Thwany, the wife of a terrorist responsible for setting off a bomb in Stockholm in 2010.

In a sad attempt to explain their position, the Muslims use a vague verse from the Koran out of context.

It must be so convenient to be able to twist the words of Allah. It is literally possible to do anything, and with the right verse, deem it acceptable under his righteous word. They just hope you don’t know the Koran well enough to find a contradictory verse that can be contorted otherwise.


A man quotes the verse saying, “Our prophets fear Allah, and do not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites.”   In a disgusting ultimatum, the man conveys that he will follow Muslim law and everyone who does not, can, “go to hell.”

He also claims that Muslims do not have to follow British law because it is not Muslim, but earlier in a video, another man states that they have the freedom of speech to express what they want.


I think Islam is about to implode on itself.  It says everyone has to use Muslim law, but uses the infidel’s law to defend it? I guess this makes them just as big a hypocrite as the rest of us.

Turns out, we’re all hell bound as “fuel for the hellfire.”

As the woman reports, she is confronted by more extremists telling the woman to put more clothes on.  The Muslims refer to the woman as naked and accuses her of trying to seduce their men.  In another hypocritical cluster, the woman says what they wear is right because they have the right to wear it, but in the same breathe, tells the woman to change her clothing as if her rights do not exist.


Also, in accusing the woman of seducing her men, places blame on the non-believer by implying that men have no control over themselves.

Either way, their whole way of belief depends on the lack of common sense and threats – just disgusting.

In short, the woman is extremely heartbroken for her home town, and feels “completely gutted,” as she should.  A religion, who has been allowed the freedom to express how they will, has invaded her home town demanding those who were there before them, submit to their idealisms.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the religion of hypocrisy.

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