Black Teenager Who Raped and Murdered Math Teacher Left Note: ‘I Hate You All’

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Barack Obama said that Trayvon Martin “could have been my son.” OK, well so could killer Phillip Chism who raped and brutally murdered a popular math teacher at his school. Chism even left a chilling note beside the body of the brutalized woman: “I hate you all.”

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Phillip Chism, 14, stands accused of the horrible rape, murder and mutilation of popular math teacher Colleen Ritzer, 24, in a bathroom of Danvers High School in Massachusetts.

This cretin allegedly attacked the 24-year-old teacher in the school bathroom, raped her, then cut her throat. The murder is then accused of throwing her dead body into a recycling bin and then carting her off into a patch of woods outside the school where he jammed a tree branch into her privates. He left a note by her body that read, “I hate you all.”

Left, accused murderer Phillip Chism and, right, victim Colleen Ritzer.

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The brutalized young woman was found naked from the waist down with her top askew, her bra ripped and the tree branch protruding from her.

Closed Circuit TV shows the teacher innocently walking into a second floor bathroom soon followed by Chism. The scumbag is also seen wheeling the recycling bin containing her body out of the bathroom and then out of the school.

Chism was arraigned on charges of murder, aggravated rape and armed robbery on November 21.

Chism being arraigned on Nov. 20.

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This sicko stole her iPhone, her credit cards and money, and kept her underwear as a trophy, all of which was found on him when he was arrested.

Police say that there is no indication of any wrongdoing at all by Miss Ritzer and that she had only been trying to help Chism with an upcoming math test that day.

Oddly, there doesn’t seem to be anything obvious in Chism’s past that would have foretold this sort of behavior. His family was, however, going through a nasty divorce. Chism had only moved from Tennessee to Massachusetts at the beginning of the school year.

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The police are stumped on exactly what his motive could have been.

A police source told the media: “We have no idea why he did this. We have questioned him and got nothing. We have spoken to authorities in Tennessee and other than a couple of minor scrapes at school he was a well behaved student.”

Another student said that Miss Ritzer had been trying to help Chism study for an upcoming test. She said that Chism was not doing his work during class but was instead drawing in a notebook. Police have the notebook and are studying it for clues.

“Miss Ritzer spotted what he was doing and asked if he could stay behind so she could help him. It wasn’t a punishment and it was something she did a lot with other students. If you couldn’t stay it was no problem,” fellow student Rania Rhaedaoui said.

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The boy’s motives are simply unknown at this time.

Now, I said at the beginning that he could have been Obama’s son. That may seem unfair to some folks. But if Obama felt it was no problem to personalize the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case by thrusting himself into the case as a way to stir race hate in America, then he should be prepared to have a case like Chism’s thrown back at him.

Don’t ask ME to apologize!

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