Democrats Distancing Themselves From The Term “Obamacare”

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In a hilarious new video, released by The Washington Free Beacon, democrats back away from the term “Obamacare,” after its disastrous roll-out.

It begins by showing how everyone was so excited as they introduced the Affordable Care Act, giving all credit to the man in office, titling it, “Obamacare.”  Obama even admits in several of the clips that he liked the term.

Well as time went on, more and more people used this term, and it began to stick.


Obama even jokingly said at one point that republicans would refer to it as Obamacare until it did well – boy that one turned back around to bite him, didn’t it?

Then it came time for the roll-out, and with it, all the problems that democrats are experiencing because of it. Between everyone losing their insurance, and being a total flop, it was quite the embarrassment for democrats.

Seeing how poorly everything was going, democrats quickly wanted to protect their image as well as distance the president – but it was too late.


In a dramatic, and very transparent effort, every democrat began referring to Obamacare as the Affordable Care Act.

In a laughable moment, the video displays Pelosi for what she is, and always has been – a liar.  In the beginning of the video, she is just like everybody else referring to it as Obamacare, but by the end of the video she’s singing a different tune.  She tells reporters about the Affordable Care Act, and in an intentional lie, goes out of her way to state that is what she’s “always called it.”

I don’t think Obama likes the nickname for his law anymore. However, we Americans think it’s perfectly fitting and that he can own Obamacare, and the disaster it was, for the rest of his life.

Do you agree?

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