Thief Steals Phone Using Only Chopsticks

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Strange video is surfacing showing a bizarre new form of robbery that Mr. Miyagi would be proud of – or maybe not so much.  A man in a noodle shop is shown taking a woman’s cell phone, out of her coat pocket, with only a pair of chopsticks.

This happens to be a new form of what the Chinese are calling the, “stealing arts.”  Apparently, in a developing form of the “arts”, thieves will use chopsticks in order to rummage around in victims pockets.


Being so small, and having precise handling capabilities of the chopsticks, the thieves are able to demonstrate extreme precision, as the victims can’t even feel it.

The chopstick thieves can’t be caught as, by the time the victims notices they have been robbed, the thief is already long gone.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think.

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