Investigators: Italian Prime Minister ‘Directed’ Sex Parties

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Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s reputation as a sex hound seems to be growing as an Italian court charges that the former PM “directed” sex parties while in office and that they didn’t even need to prove he had intercourse with an underage prostitute to convict him.

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For months Berlusconi was at court being prosecuted for having sex with an underage woman and for sponsoring raucous sex parties he called “bunga bunga parties” while he was Prime Minister. Now the court that recently convicted him says that proof of underage sex wasn’t even necessary to convict him.

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

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A 326-page document detailing the evidence that led to Berlusconi’s conviction and seven-year jail sentence says that proof of actual intercourse was unnecessary as all they had to prove was that Berlusconi’s “sexual instincts” were stimulated in exchange for payment.

“Indeed, stripping, nude dancing, revealing breasts and buttocks while winking, displaying their nudity for the defendant at close range, are all behaviors objectively suitable for stimulating the sexual instinct of Berlusconi,” the court document said.

The court says that it has testimony that Berlusconi fondled women and otherwise had “physical contact” with them during the parties and he paid them for the privilege. The court also says Berlusconi engaged in, “such as rubbing, fondling of breasts and intimate parts and groping buttocks, hips and thighs.”

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Additionally, the court says that the former PM “directed” the sexual activity and strip shows at these parties and that his actions with the underage girl was enough to show he exploited her.

The court noted that the Moroccan teen at the center of the scandal, Karima el-Mahroug, better known as Ruby, received $3,000 cash every time she attended a Bunga Bunga party, plus jewelry and a lump sum of 57,000 euros purportedly to open a beauty salon, in exchange for sexual favors. The court asserted Berlusconi was aware she was a minor — 17 — at the time of the 2010 encounters.

Evidence also shows that Berlusconi was fully aware that the girl was underage.

There is also evidence that the former PM used his power to have the girl released by police after she was arrested for stealing a $4,000 bracelet at a retail outlet.

Berlusconi, though, has insisted that he is innocent of charges because he never personally had sex with the underage girl.

The court, though, said the details of any sexual engagement between the girl and Berlusconi are “‘irrelevant.” It was sufficient, the court said, that she was “trading her body in any way for remuneration.”

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Meanwhile, Berlusconi has been trying to restart his political career in an effort to get around the court’s rulings.

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