(GRUESOME PHOTOS) Woman Sleeps With Corpse of Dead Husband for a Year

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A 70-year-old woman from Belgium was so traumatized by her husband’s death in bed from an asthma attack that she never reported his passing and then slept with his mummifying corpse for an entire year after his passing.

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On November 19, authorities in Leige, Belgium found that a man whose name is being reported as “Marcel H.” had died in bed of an asthma attack a year ago. But his wife was so traumatized by it she never reported the death.

The befuddled woman left her husband’s body in his bed and each night slept next to his putrefying body unable to part from him.

The discovery was ultimately made by authorities because the couple’s landlord complained in the courts that the rent had not been paid for that whole year.

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Officials found Marcel’s body practically mummified.

Philippe Boxho, pathologist at the Forensic Center of Liege said: “A body can mummify in a dry, warm environment.”

“It takes at least a week to reach such a state. In this case the body had rotten in the bed his internal organs had melted and liquefied.”

“This liquid would have spread and the bed would have been swarming with insects as the body rotted, this would have been a real shame.”

“Even though the smell of human decay is quite specific , many people equate that smell to the smell of garbage and once the body has become rotten the smell does decrease significantly.”


A sad case.

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