Charles Manson Marring A 25 Year Old

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We all know Charles Manson – “the leader of the cult who ordered the killings of three people in effort to start an “apocalyptic race war.” We also know there will always be crazy little groupies professing their love for the well known murderers and psychopaths.

A new little crazy, 25 year old, “Star Manson,” a name she has given herself, is claiming to be the fiancé of Charles Manson.


It should be noted that when the Manson Family cult committed their murders, Star wasn’t even alive, but she is convinced that the man did not commit the murders.

She also claims that she is going to marry the man.

Having met Manson when she was 19, and a Baptist, Star claims to have fallen in love with his pro-environmental views.

Star moved right outside the Manson’s prison, California State Prison in Corcoran, California where she is able to visit Manson on Saturdays and Sundays, for five hours a day.

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Star also runs his website, Manson Direct, in effort to gain support in favor of freeing the murderer.

In a disgusting act that normal people can only perceive as a call for attention, the 25 year old is bound and determined to marry the man despite him being more than 50 years older than her.

Manson however, claims that this is all just a ploy to gain media attention.

Either way, if the couple were to actually get married, they would never be able to consummate the marriage as Manson isn’t allowed conjugal visits.

How “icky” is that?

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