Miami Politician Slams Walmart Customers, Reads Offensive “People Of Walmart” Blog

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A Miami, Florida politician has gotten himself in a bit of hot water by making fun of Walmart shoppers in a racist attack.

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Miami’s boss of urban design, Enrique D. Nuñez, sent out an email openly mocking Walmart customers–which, by the way, consists of most of America–by sending out the racist newsletter from the anti-Walmart group “People of Walmart.”

Miami official Enrique D. Nuñe.

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The elitist Nuñez sent out photos of badly dressed Walmart customers adding his own comment: “Coming to Midtown.”

Nuñez meant the quip to denigrate the effort of the retailer that is trying to open a new store in Miami and has been working with the city council to get the approval for the new store.

The email was sent during government office hours and from his government account. Nuñez sent the email to other officials who are handling the Walmart application.

The images accompanying Nuñez’s email are of badly dressed black people and white Walmart shoppers and features captions that ridicule them.

The email Nuñez sent.

Naturally Nuñez is refusing to say anything to the public about his untoward email to government officials.

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