Doctor Tortures Patient Calling It “Punishment Therapy”

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Here we have yet another doctor, taking advantage of his patients, in order to push himself sexually onto a woman.

According to the woman’s accusations, the doctor tortured her in an act he called, “Punishment Therapy,” in effort to combat her depression.

The woman goes into detail expressing various acts the man performed on her such as; handcuffing, whipping, and chocking her.  The 38 year old patient says that this had been going on for about a year.


She says that she had been going to Dr. David Simon for years before that, but in 2010, the visits became sexual in nature.  The woman states that Dr. Simon would blindfold her and make her get naked, and then, begin the sadistic acts that lasted for hours.

Dr. Simon also reportedly tied the woman up, and locked her in a closet as well as participated in sexual acts with her.

The married doctor, of course, denies that it was torturous in nature, but was in fact consensual.  “Detectives said they discovered whips, blindfolds, handcuffs, rope, clothespins and ‘phallic objects’ in Simon’s office, and a rope and a blindfold in his pocket.”


He says he has proof that will demonstrate that the acts were consensual and claims it to be one of the two’s fantasy.

According to the statement she gave to detectives, she consensually performed the acts of sex with the doctor as a “thank you,” for the therapy.

She goes on to mention however, that she wanted the sessions to stop but was afraid that Simon may hurt her if she said anything.  She also expressed that she feared the doctor may withhold the trial medication samples that she needed.


This is not the first time Dr. Simon has been charged with sexual harassment, but Simon’s lawyer does convey that the doctor is “extremely embarrassed.”

He says, “I can’t excuse it. … I’m embarrassed for myself, and it has devastated my wife.”

The doctor has entered into the settlement with the patient and law enforcement agreeing to two years probation and a $10,000 fine. However, the medical board is not satisfied and considers this to be too serious to ignore.

The board will decide if Simon gets to keep his medical license or not.

Do you think Dr. Simon deserves to lose his medical license?

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