Ministry Threatened With Jail Time If They Don’t Stop Feeding The Homeless

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Well, I guess this is just a sign of times we live in governed by the “nanny state.”

A Christian group that goes by the name of Isaiah 61 Ministries, has been threaten by local authorities to stop feeding the homeless.

The county has threatened the group with jail time if they do not comply.

Reportedly the missions group has been offering their services to the homeless for the past five years, and considers the threats to be in violation of their first amendment rights.  Apparently they hold the event every Tuesday and Wednesday in a county parking lot.


As reports accumulate of public urination and harassment of local residents, the county put up “No Loitering” signs.

This, in affect, also made the group in violation of the county signs.

The group and county are trying to compromise, and the county expresses that in the near future, the group will be able to feed the homeless in the parking lot, provided they clean up the mess.

The group does acknowledge that it isn’t their property and are willing to entertain the county’s suggestions.

Do you guys think this is just an excuse to bully the church, or is the country expressing a legitimate concern?

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