“Knockout Game” Spreads To Philadelphia

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What would you do if you were walking down the street and someone punched you in the head for no reason?  Apparently a game is spreading through the ranks of thugs around the country called the, “knockout game.”

The assailant is supposed to go up to a stranger, and is allowed one blow in efforts to knock the victim unconscious.  It is a game common throughout black teens.

Apparently, the game has made its way south of NYC, where the game originated, to Philadelphia, where a SEPTA security camera happened to catch a man assaulting a woman.


In a terrifying instant for the woman, the man approaches her from behind, and swinging with all his might, punches the woman in the side of the head. The coward then turns away and runs as his attempt to knock out the woman was unsuccessful.

As the woman spins around from the force of the blow, it appears as if she reaches for her cell phone in order to call police.

Reportedly, this is the second attack in as many days.

The mischievous game is beginning to gain participants as well as publicity, making it a real problem. The fact that the victims are chosen at random, and that many of them are knocked unconscious, makes bringing the assailants to justice difficult.

Let us know what you think about the knockout game.

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