Obamacare Website Crashes In Front Of Sebelius During Media Event

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Kathleen Sebelius has a lot of egg on her face recently because of all the problems regarding the Obamacare roll-out. Being the face representing Obamacare, and the current blunder, hasn’t been easy, and in fact, it’s a wonder she hasn’t been let go because of the train wreck.

Do you remember when Microsoft came out with Windows Vista and it was terrible? It had tons of errors and didn’t work like it should have.  Well instead of fixing the problems, Bill Gates threw millions of dollars at the problem in the form of marketing.


It seems that the white house has taken the play right out of Bill Gate’s playbook and is trying to use it on Obamacare.

Sebelius recently took a trip to Florida to pump up the public’s view of Obamacare and see how the roll-out was going.

You would think she could get the gist from the abysmal numbers of successful enrollees.

Acting like a famous celebrity, the woman walked into the North Shore Hospital with photographers clicking away as she referred to them as “paparazzi.” In a public display, Sebelius walked around shaking hands with “navigators” and customers alike asking them about their experience.

The funny thing is, not one of the customers didn’t tell Secretary Sebelius that the site shut down on each of them. The website literally crashed in front of Sebelius. The speechlessly dumbfounded secretary just bid her time and allowed the show to continue.


Sebelius offers delusions of Obamacare being “so great” that people keep trying to sign up despite the frustration.

The secretary finally ends her media circus by saying that they’re, “going to have to work really hard to get you to come back,” referring to the people who have sworn off the website out of anger.

The confusing part here is that the website is not fixed – it still maintains the same errors and frustrations.  Why don’t they focus on fixing the problem before trying to persuade people to come back?

After all that, Sebelius revealed that the number of people who chose to sign up for Obamacare that day, was 2 – perfectly demonstrating the Obamacare ambience.

Isn’t it just time to scratch Obamacare as a whole?

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