Al-Qaeda Discovered In Kentucky

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A frightening new sting operation has uncovered a fact that is leaving some people saying, “I told you so.”

The FBI, in effort to track down domestic threats, led a sting operation that actually baited members of an Al-Qaeda terrorist group.  This was discovering that a flawed refugee program that had allowed the two into the country in the first place.


Some people are a little less happy with the find and seem more concerned that there may be others like the two in America.

Apparently, with intentions of sending the weapons back to the Iraq faction they left behind, the men bought the weapons unknowingly from the FBI.

Hidden surveillance cameras show the men ecstatic, as they check out their find with, “kid in a candy shop,” type behavior.


The men brag of being IED placers in Iraq, and having killed American soldiers before coming to America to live in Kentucky.  Supervisory Agent of the FBI, James Hendricks, said that the men, “I think they wanted to kill Americans but I think they wanted the freedoms that America provided to them.”

The men reportedly had participated in dozens of IED attacks killing at least four documented national guardsmen.  A Sergeant with the National Guard, Joshua Hedetniemi, who is stationed where the men were from, refers to the two terrorists as “innately evil.”

Doug Hawkins, the Chief of Police where the men were located, blames the system saying it, “failed, otherwise they wouldn’t have been here in the first place.”


The find can be attributed to a break in the case coming from the warehouse of an FBI Repository of over 100,000 bomb fragments that have been used again American forces.  While running the fingerprints from an IED in Iraq, the FBI managed to identify one of the man’s fingerprints via his refugee application.

The FBI revealed that that they are looking into dozens of other cases just like this one.

Are terrorists in America a real threat?

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